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Dec 20, 2017

American Folk, a feature film that's already won numerous jury prizes at film festivals, starts its theatrical run in late January of 2018. First time writer/director David Heinz wanted true-life folk singers to play the lead characters, rather than actors playing at folk singing. And Amber Rubarth is a certified folk singer. Raised in California, she discovered music as a creative outlet at about 20 years old, but as soon as she took her fresh voice to New York in the 2000s she found support and collaborators and was soon making records. Rubarth’s music won several significant prizes, including the Mountain Stage New Song Contest. She stands out for her playful lyrical style and daring sense of imagery. As well as her affinity for collaborations. She's released a half dozen albums on her own, including the recent Wildflowers in the Graveyard. Amber talks about her background, her acting debut and how a life altering accident inspired her latest recording. 

Also, guest producers Matt Follett and Brady Watson report on the multi-year effort to revive and amplify the vital legacy of soul and R&B music in the development and future of Music City.