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Jun 28, 2021

Episode 174: Amythyst Kiah grew up in East TN and discovered traditional folk music at college there. Drawn to its heritage and its sound, she launched her career as a solo singer of original and traditional songs on guitar and banjo. Her low-timbred voice reminded me in her growth years of Odetta. Frustrated with her trajectory, she nearly quit but was revived by the support of folk star Rhiannon Giddens and included in the acclaimed project Our Native Daughters. Now, on her label debut Wary & Strange, Amythyst forges a personal sound that is earthy and epic at the same time. And through songs like "Black Myself," she's changed the conversation about African American voices in contemporary folk and country. Also, a visit with Jody White about his role in the posthumous album Smoke From The Chimney by his late father Tony Joe White.