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Jun 14, 2022

Episode 211: Not many instrumentalists have invented and spread a new technique, but Darol Anger has, and now the percussive bow and string practice called "the chop" is almost mandatory for rising bluegrass and even some classical players. This happened over a 40+ year career that's seen Anger contribute to the historic David Grisman Quintet, co-found the Turtle Island String Quartet, pursue a long-running duo with Mike Marshall and now lead a youthful quartet called Mr. Sun, which has a new album. Anger's influence is huge as a composer, player and teacher, and it was a treat to speak with him at his home in Nashville, where he's moved for the first time in his life. It puts him near many of his former students and proteges, including fiddle star Brittany Haas. I catch up with her for this look at Darol's career.