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May 17, 2023

Episode 245: Dom Flemons made history founding the Carolina Chocolate Drops, an old-time band that changed the face of roots music in the 21st century. Through found songs and tunes learned at the feet of old masters, they won a Grammy Award, played the Grand Ole Opry and opened up new lanes for Black musicians finding their voice in folk. Since parting ways in 2013, Flemons has been a lynchpin of the folk music scene, an “American songster” who plays a wide range of instruments and who puts on magnetic solo shows. His 2018 concept album Black Cowboys dug up more potent history and earned a Grammy nomination. For his first album since then, he goes inward and leans into his life of songwriting for the first time, resulting in the vivacious and eclectic Traveling Wildfire. Also in the hour, guitarist Matthew Stevens on his work producing I Am A Pilgrim: Doc Watson at 100.