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Jan 12, 2018

This hour, a tale of two Johns.

My guest is John Jorgenson, one of the most well-rounded and admired guitar players of the last 40 years. His life and career have carried him from the country music hot spots in his native California to the studios of Nashville to world tours with Elton John and on to a global reputation as a master of gypsy style jazz guitar.

We’ll touch on all of that. But our main topic when we sat down was the other John, the songwriter John D. Loudermilk. Jorgenson helped produce a tribute concert that brought together some of Nashville’s elite artists for a loving look at an under-appreciated master. John D, as his friends called him, was in attendance that night in March of 2016 at the Franklin Theater in nearby Franklin, TN. He died a few months later at the age of 82. The show has been released as an album. And as a concert film that’s airing now on various public television stations around the country, including Nashville.