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Sep 22, 2017


The Great Smoky Mountains of Western NC are ancient but alive. The region gave us Charlie Poole, Doc Watson and now a cadre of diverse and important bands and artists working the many strains of regional roots in the venues around Asheville. Town Mountain is doing that for bluegrass music with a sound that’s old school and songs that tell a new generation’s story. Lead singer Robert Greer is my guest. 

The scene around Asheville boasts dozens of bands and artists, songwriting retreats, the basics of a music business - and most importantly an identity. It’s a scene that as well as anywhere in the nation enriches tradition, cherishing the ancient tones while letting new expression flourish. It’s scenic, sonic and significant. And at the heart of that scene is the bluegrass music of Town Mountain.

The 43 year old singer and guitar player grew up in South Georgia and then Brevard NC where he got to know some of today’s top regional bluegrassers under some very unexpected circumstances. We’ll get into that. And we’ll get into the recent album Southern Crescent as well.