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Feb 12, 2019

Episode #81: This week, the long, diverse career of Nashville's Bill Lloyd. From country hits as a writer and artist to collaborations with leading lights of rock and pop, Bill is a dynamo. And he's got a fantastic new album out called Working The Long Game.  We hit a lot of points of Bill’s biography in our conversation, but the essentials to know going in are that he moved to Nashville after college in Bowling Green, KY to write songs. He met fellow writer Radney Foster and they shot to fame in 1987 as Foster & Lloyd, with a sound that swam upstream from the country radio mainstream. In more recent years, he’s led the band the Long Players, Nashville favorites that perform live cut-by-cut covers of full classic albums. He keeps up a steady run of solo albums that blend top-flight Nashville songcraft with the timeless sound of pop music. Also, highlights from my recent sit-down with the very busy Rhiannon Giddens about her life after the Carolina Chocolate Drops and a MacArthur Fellowship.