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Jan 24, 2018

He's been a key part of Alison Krauss & Union Station for 25 years. He's the voice of the most popular and successful bluegrass track of the 21st century in "Man of Constant Sorrow." And he's one of the most admired acoustic musicians all around in his field. Looking for new directions and challenges during a break from AKUS, Dan Tyminski started writing songs with Music Row songwriters he'd never met before. And before long he found a surprising new sound emerging and some thoughts and feelings he'd never thought about putting into music before. The result is a new career under the name Tyminski with a debut album Southern Gothic. It's daring and different and certainly not bluegrass. He says his late mom and dad wouldn't have liked it one bit. But here he is, 50 years old with a bold new direction. Also in the hour, some Time Machine Tape with Alison Krauss herself, talking with Robert Plant in 2007 about the album they'd just finished together, well before it was released and won 6 Grammy Awards.